Welcome to the Geogarden!

Since 2018 the collectively created garden offers a place to meet, eat and relax to researchers and students from different orientations who share the love and passion for gardening and relaxing in a flourishing green environment.

It aims not only at growing delicious organic vegetables but also to bring life to the isolated Arenberg Campus and to connect people from the different disciplines in a social and open atmosphere.

You can join us with (wo)man power or support without getting hands dirty by joining the crowdfunding group. 

If you want to join us, there are many options: you can simply email  to geogarden@kuleuven.be, come to one of our working days as marked in the agenda or ask someone from your division / from the student group to show you how it works!

These people also collect the yearly contributions (1 ecocheque or 10 euros) and mark it on your beautiful membershipcards.

Or do you have a question regarding that one delicious looking strawberry or celery on one of the plots but don’t know who to ask if you can have some? 

Here you can find who these amazing people are, and which plots they belong to:

1: Student plot – Kawah Wong
2 + 12: Geography students – Lukas Sterckx
3 + 4: Bio-Economics – Anna Fabry
5 + 8: Forest, Nature, Landscape – Eva Beele & Janne Teerlinck
6: Soil and Water – Anne Felsberg & Marit Hendrickx
7: Prehistory – Shirin Torkamandi
10 + 11: Geography – Anton Van Rompaey, Constanza Parra Novoa
13 + 14: Geology – Fernando Araujo
16: General community – Linh Vu Vu
17 + 18: MSc Sustainable Development  – 


How to stay updated?

KU Leuven members can also enroll themselves in our Toledo community “Geogarden” which will automatically add you to our mailinglist.

How to enroll to the community

Not a KU Leuven member? No problem, we also communicate events here and on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/KULeuvenGeoGarden/