9. The Bees of the geogarden

The dark bees moved in on Tuesday 19th of april 2019!

Beekeeper Dylan warned us, they might be a bit nasty after the transport by car … but I tell you they were incredibly kind and did not even come close to us sitting below.

Ever since I have not seen them being in anyway interfering with us humans, but just in case you have the slightest problem please drop us a line!


At our opening party, Dylan explained to us where these bees come from, why it is important to keep them and what makes them special. You find all the information back on http://www.zwartebij.org


In a smaller comittee we split our colony in two and by that occasion we could get an insight in what the hive looks like, how many bees live in there peacefully and how big the queen is (the one with the red dot).

As we learned, the life of a male drone is dream and nightmare combined, since they are being fed until they may mate and then violently die. To assure only compatible species mate, there is a complex key-lock system aside the reproductive organs which we had a chance to see exposed as well, see the photos below.

The big yellow piece of combs contains layered pollen deposits if you look closely. The bright orange one is dandelion. With experience you can tell what the bees feed on most.

Thanks Dylan for all these fascinating insights and for your good work in keeping this species in Belgium!

If you are particularly interested in bee keeping and maintenance, state it clearly, if we are 5-10 committed people, we can learn seriously how to do this. Let us know!


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